What I Can Offer

For all ages and all ranges, David is a TOP TUTOR! Fun and philosophical, creative and caring, scholarly and sensitive, he establishes relationships, promoting excellence and enjoyment, to deliver results.”

- Retired Secondary Deputy Head / Head of English


I offer tutoring in the following areas. This list is not exhaustive, and I will always be happy to discuss teaching in any area. Even if I am not able to help, I may well know someone who can - so do get in contact!

Exam-based Tuition

Not everything in life is about exams!

I offer more informal tutorial sessions in both literature appreciation and creative writing. These are designed for those who would like some cheerful guidance and infectious enthusiasm as they embark upon a new period of reading or writing.

If you have always wanted to broaden your reading, but feel put off by literature feeling “inaccessible” or “irrelevant”, or have always wanted to write for pleasure but never felt able to start, let me convince you otherwise. These sessions will be entirely tailored to your interests and designed to unlock your potential.

In addition, I am an internationally-published author, so I am also available to give more intensive creative-writing tuition and editorial advice to those who are looking towards publication.

Literature Appreciation and Creative Writing

Applying to Sixth Form Colleges and Universities is always a challenging time, but there are many techniques and guidelines which can make the whole process smoother, and show you off at your best.


As an Oxford alumnus, I experienced every part of the process, and can offer help with:


· Sixth Form entrance exams

· University/Oxbridge applications

· Personal statements

· Interview technique

· University selection


Remember, different institutions have different deadlines for application, so do try to contact me in plenty of time - there is a limit to how much I can help with two days’ notice!

Sixth Form/University Preparation

Whether you are a young student or a seasoned professional, there are many skills which are as suited to the boardroom as to the exam hall. I can offer you tutorials on all of the following skills, from first principles to refresher courses:


· Exam technique/Test-taking

· Revision technique

· Essay writing/Structure


· Independent study

· Critical reading

· Motivation and confidence building


· Speech writing

· Public speaking and presenting

· Debating


· Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning


· Editing/proofreading


General and Transferrable Skills

Whether you are a school pupil seeking fresh inspiration, or a mature student looking for a new qualification, exam subjects are the most popular reason for beginning personal tuition.


I offer tuition in the following subjects at GCSE/iGCSE level and AS/A2/A-level, in all exam boards:


· English Literature

· English Language

· Drama

· Creative Writing


I would also be willing to discuss possible tuition in other related subjects on an individual basis.


Although my tuition is usually supplementary to full-time education, I am happy to be the sole tutor to a private candidate or mature student as well.